Majority of my time is spent wondering about what if? Recently I have been thinking or rather wishing that life would be simpler. Though simultaneously I have also been thinking that I want a fun exciting diverse job which involves travelling which is most certainly the opposite of simplicity. None the less there is a dream of a simple life inside me. What would happen if suddenly the internet would crash for a day or a week? Would the world just give up? Or would be fight for it? Would we realise that these little decided in our pockets are nothing comparing to the beauty of life. Would we actually notice each other? Talk on the bus? Help the people in need? See our families? Spend our free time doing productive things instead of wasting endless hours scrolling through Facebook?

From my own experience having no internet, though extremely painful was also very freeing. Few years ago I moved flat and it took a week to connect my flat to the internet! It was rather frustrating as I had college work to do, but I also was quite productive. I read several books as there was nothing else for me to do. I felt more at peace in a sense as in the back of my mind I heard a little voice telling me I have research to do.

I have an internal battle within me, part of me want to ditch this whole social media thing and spend all the free time I will gain doing things I love. The other part of me sees what a great ressource this is. My compromise is to minimalise the time I spend on social media and cut out sites which I do not find inspirational (Facebook). Though I do not cut it out fully I have been very strict with unfollowing people who annoy me and hiding things I don’t want to see. I am making sure that the time I do spend on social media has a positive impact on my life, I want it to be a tool and not a ruler over my life!


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