The Beauty Around Us

What makes you tick? For me it is beauty! Therefore I need to look for it everyday! If I miss a day or I am to busy the lack of beautiful things in my life makes me unproductive and useless. This is Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum in Glasgow, it is an absolutely stunning building. The architecture is so intricate and beautiful! I love looking at it, because it reminds me that even in the time of full industrial revolution people still cared about beauty and art and they put on a massive international exhibition in Glasgow to raise the funds for this gallery. It makes me so proud of this city! I see it more and more now that people are starting to pay more attention to beauty and simplicity of life. It makes me happy, because for me this is a sign that there is good in this world! When art looses its value in our hearts then so does all kind of craftsmanship and are we living then or just existing? These are just my daily musings as I walk past this beautiful gallery! 



      1. English Literature, enjoying it 🙂 the reason I’ve started a blog is cause I really like writing and want an outlet for it. Plus I have few hobbies haha. I write for the university newspaper I suppose that counts as a hobby haha. Do you study? Xx


      2. aww cool! I just visited your blog and see a lot of posts about books 😉 That’s brilliant! I love hearing people studying things which they actually love. That’s so cool, you’re articles must be great!! Yes I’m also a student. Due to graduate this year, I can’t wait! I study Theatre Costume 🙂 but I feel like I need loads of different outlets for my creativity haha so that’s why I have a blog. I’m just starting out and playing about with it. xx

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