Loud Voice

I have so many people tell me that I have a voice which needs to be heard. That my voice is loud and powerful even if it is not what I have been walking in at the moment. Since I am not sure how to make this happen I thought the best place is to start here. To speak my mind and bring things forth which are on my heart. Therefore this will now be my platform for a voice which needs to be heard. I might not be using my voice physically for this exercise but at least I am practicing for when I will have opportunities to speak out loud what is in my heart. Trust me I do not lack opinions! What I need to figure out first is what is it that I want to say? How do I say it so the message is heard? Does this mean that I should actually tell people about this blog?

I find it really weird that I am writing a blog because though I love reading, something really needs to catch my eye for me to read it. Especially since my unfollowing spree meant that Facebook is just trying to fill my newsfeed with tons of articles, though they are off sometimes, a lot of articles do spark my interest just not enough for me to read the whole thing. Therefore writing a blog, is really ironic, so far I have never read one.


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