Spring is in the Air

Though I really like all of the four seasons, and whenever I think about each individual one I love them all. I keep saying that I do not have a favourite season, but really I should just face the truth, because I do! Spring! There is nothing that excites me more than the days getting longer after several months of living in darkness, because really 9am to 3pm is not a day. The leaves start budding on the trees and smell of oxygen fills the air. Flowers poke their little heads through the hard ground, creating such brightness and happiness in our streets! Blossoms appear on the trees and making it rain pink. Daffodils surround us and grow on every bit of grass there is! Oh and sun, it comes and the warmth is so significant to the cool long shadows which are still lurking around. With every spring there is a new breath of life within me and my positivity levels spike as I want to do everything. The possibilities which lie in the year ahead are endless. Finally the outside can be used again as there is no need to rush home to get out of the freezing rain and howling wind. Wandering through the streets, sitting in the park watching the world go by. Suddenly there is no guilt in spending the whole day doing nothing because lying in the sun is always an activity worth doing! The dreams of long days and evenings bathed in the setting sun are just round the corner. The excitement of summer and holiday planing is on all the lips. With spring comes this change of attitude, life is worth living again! That is definitely how I feel. I know very well that letting the weather and other outside factors affect your mood is not a healthy thing to do. Yet when they inject you with such positivity, gayety and excitement why would you suppress those feelings? Even though I am writing this from my couch, covered by blankets and looking at the freezing rain outside. I am still filled by the excitement of spring, even though today it is only in my head!


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