Is time speeding up?

Every year it feels like time is going faster, I am curious if it is only our perception, or it seems like this as we are getting older. As time passes the years pile up and so each year becomes a smaller portion of our life than the year before. Or are we all so busy and preoccupied with life that we loose track of time and it all just blends into one?

Yet for some reason each day feels long and distinguished and this is what is confusing me. A couple of years ago when I was working full time it felt like my days were rather long. To the extend that actually I thought one day was actually two. If someone asked me what I did I would be so confused and could not believe that I have done so much in one day.

It does not quite feel like that. I just had an assessment the burden of that unit is lifted of my shoulders therefore I feel light and disorientated and I want to enjoy that feeling instead of keep working on my other units. I can not imagine what it will feel like when I will actually finish my course. Oh, it is just crazy!


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