The Age of Creativity

I like giving years names, they are not human names though, usually they are titles, or more like a chapter title, since we live through many. Sometimes the title that I decide on are solely related to me and what is happening in my life. It took me eight days to realise what this year is going to be about. I do not feel like this is something just for me, I feel like it is for a wider audience, which is why it is up here and not in my personal journal.

Today when I have been praying and meditating I finally saw Gods vision for this year. Now it might not be for everybody but I think it is for a lot of people. I feel like this is the year of creativity. It also might stretch out for longer than one year, but this is the start. I feel like there is going to be real breakthrough for the creatives. New opportunities, ideas, and doors opening. It is going to be a very exciting year.

Now when I say creatives I do not just mean the artists, I mean everyone who is creative in some form. But I do feel like it is in majority for the artists, the people who have been creating with a passions for a long time but were unable to make a living from it, people who have ideas which are not seen, innovations, creative innovations. I feel like it is their time. It is time that we changed the order of this world. That we made it beautiful, prosperous and a good place to be living. It is not an easy task, but I feel like the ideas people have are beautiful an if we used them and worked on them and did not care about the large corporations and their money making schemes things could really change.

I am looking at the year ahead with excitement and expectancy of amazing adventures and crazy life changing experiences. This is going to be a good year!




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