What is my sense of purpose?

People talk about purpose, motivation and drive all the time, but I think that sometimes those labels do not include the thing that actually inspires you to live life. I think sometimes that is too focused. Myself for example? I am in love with beauty. By beauty I do not mean makeup. By beauty I mean anything and everything that is beautiful!

Beauty is a broad term, and as they say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. Things I find beautiful vary immensely, anything from pretty sky, an interesting colour combination, to people, and creativity. In creativity it goes into action, the fact that someones brain thought yes this is a good thing, I will do this whether it makes sense or not. If you open your eyes you can find beauty surrounding you, in more than one way, and definitely in many that you have never noticed before. Even if you would spend one day, looking out for the things that you deem beautiful you would see how many there are. Because there is never just one thing that we think is beautiful.

My list of things that are beautiful is never ending: flowers, the sky, certain colour combinations, kind hearts, craftsmanship, creativity, expressing yourself, emotions, music, films, sacrifice. Things which I see and their beauty is so divine they bring me to tears! I romanticise beauty and life, actions and motifs. My reason for doing so is to bring more beauty into my life. It inspires me and reminds me why I am alive. The beauty that I cannot contain, that I will stand there with my arms up in the air and my heart almost hurting from the overwhelming emotion. My words will not be able to describe it and all I will do is sigh. Those moments are precious, they are like a little surprise treasure, even if they might have been planed to some degree, the effect they have on me never would have been planned. It is the view as I am walking up a mountain, a thing that I read online, the skills, time and details somebody used to create a masterpiece. I could go on, yet I could never truly express it.

Beauty is like art it does not need to have a reason, or purpose, it just makes peoples lives better. That is one of my top commandments. If the whole world would focus on making this a more beautiful place, everyone would be a lot happier. People would get a much higher satisfaction from what they would be doing, because they would have inspiring surroundings and most likely would do somehing they enjoy or are passionate about.


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