Pursuit of travel

As a teenager I have never experienced wanderlust. I had no idea why people were so preoccupied with travel and going to different places. It is not like I have not traveled, I have it was quite a regular part of my childhood. Especially having moved to a completely new country having no knowledge of the language I do not think I was oblivious. Yet I saw no point in it, what has changed my mind you ask? You will never guess! When I was sixteen I watched the Lion King. Now I am sure I have seen Lion King previously to that time, maybe I did not remember the storyline completely but I knew the basics, there was a lion he run away blah blah blah. Well having watched it when I was sixteen something changed. I absolutely loved did and did not understand why I have not watched it before. But more than that suddenly I had this need to go… I cannot explain it. It happened within the time it took to watch that film. My heart was leaping  with energy crying out for adventure. Though three years ago I have moved to a new city that was not the adventure my heart was longing for. It was not until April 2015 that I have tasted travel, and I wanted more! I went on an adventure to Paris with my flatmate. I chose Paris, funnily enough it was my New Year Dream that year. I always wanted to go and so I only seen fit that the first holiday that I am paying for should be one that I dreamed off. It was like a true adventure, four flights later and a night at an airport I got my first glimpse of the Eiffel tower standing in the middle of the city. The skies were so clear you could see if from miles away! We landed in Paris. Just being in the airport where everything is in French was exciting. It was April and we have been blessed with fabulous weather. We stayed outside of Paris in a studio flat, had to take the metro into Paris. We spend the days walking through the beautiful streets and purposefully getting lost. We had a night of wine drinking wine I told her all my secrets and so on. It might have only been a four day long trip, but I was hooked! Wanderlust hit me and two months later I was in Gothenburg, and then within two months in Krakow. Since then I also visited Madrid, Lithuania, Zakopane, Stockholm (which you can see above), plus some trips within the UK, though they have not been as exciting. Now my love for travel grows and I feel like I could spend my whole life entranced by the beauty of a new place.


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