2017, how did we get here?

I can honestly say that I never imagined I would see this year. I do not know why but for some reason I just never wanted to. It just seems that now I am suppose to be like actually an adult. I have been over eighteen for like five years now so surely I should have some sh*t figured out. Well ladies and gentlemen if I could go back in time five years and saw my eighteen years old self freaking out about the great big bad world out there I would laugh in my face!

Now that I got over the shock of the fact that the last two digits of a date are 1 7, not to mention that I have been writing 1 2 all of last month lets move on. And boy am I glad to move on. I have to say that though last year has been full of amazing experiences and has been quite a good year, it has been an extremely hard year filled with loads of tears, bottled up pain and unexpected partings. Therefore I look at this year with little hopeful innocent eyes and dream of all the good things that will happen this year, leaving 2016 where it belongs which is in the past!

As it is common to do new year resolutions, which I think is a bit rubbish because really you can do that any time. Especially since so many people fail within the first week! Well I prefer to dream about the year ahead. Write down things that I want to do or which I would like to happen. Some of the might have nothing to do with my ability to make them happen whereas others are fully depended on that. Yet this year I have been really struggling to do that. I guess it is quite a big year for me as I finish my studies and the void which starts in July fills me with excitement and paralysis me with fear. But what are fears for if not to conquer them. Therefore I will not give into fear and dream crazy dreams, and trust in my Creator to fix up a plan for me.


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